Laboratorium Penelitian

  1. Coastal and Ocean Remote Sensing Laboratory
  2. Ocean and Environmental Modeling Laboratory
  3. Nano Technology Laboratory
  4. Tropical Marine Biotechnology Laboratory.
  5. Natural Products and Biotechnology Laboratory
  6. Marine Biology Laboratory
  7. Center of Nutrition Research and Laboratory
  8. Halal Study Center
  9. Food and Technology Laboratory
  10. Tropical Diseases Laboratory
  11. Economic Social Humaniora Laboratory
  12. Center for Biomechanics, Biomaterial, Biomechatronic and Signal Processing
  13. Incubator Bisnis Laboratory
  14. Advanced Materials Laboratory
  15. Biomass and Renewable Energy Laboratory
  16. Membrane Research Center (MER-C)
  17. Environmental and Hazard Analysis Laboratory
  18. Molecular and Applied Microbiology Laboratory
  19. Robotics and Automation Laboratory
  20. Bacteriology
  21. Electrical analysis and engineering measurement – Reliability Analysis Lab
  22. Center of Geomatics Application for Sustainable Development
  23. Center for Plasma Research
  24. Stem Cell and Molecular Genetic
  25. Laboratory of Plasma-Catalysis
  26. Biomechanics Engineering and Research Center

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