Laboratorium Penelitian / Center of Excellence / PUI

  1. Laboratory of Natural Product
  2. C-BIORE / Biomass and Renewable Energy Laboratory
  3. Laboratory of Advanced Materials
  4. MER-C / Membrane Research Center / PUI Membran
  5. Center for Biomechanics, Biomaterial, Biomechatronic, and Signal Processing
  6. Laboratory of Robotics and Automation
  7. Laboratory of Bacteriology, Molecular and Applied Microbiology
  8. Center of Geomatics Application for Sustainable Development
  9. Laboratory of Food and Technology Laboratory; Center of Nutrition Research
  10. Undip Biomechanics Engineering & Research Centre (UB-ERC)
  11. Laboratory of Electrical Analysis and Engineering Measurement – Reliability Analysis
  12. Center for Plasma Research
  13. Laboratory of Tropical Diseases
  14. Center of Marine Biomonitoring for Sustainable Aquaculture (Ce-MEBSA)
  15. PUI CoREM (Pusat Kajian Mitigasi Bencana dan Rehabiltasi Pesisir)
  16. Laboratory of Plasma-Catalysis (Room 3.5)

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